Vibrations are a frequent problem at workplaces inspected by the Swedish Work Environment Authority. We have therefore presented some basic information below about the rules that apply and how vibrations can be prevented.

The Swedish Work Environment Authority’s Regulations concerning Vibrations (AFS 2005:15) apply to enterprises where anyone may be exposed to vibrations.

Vibrations (AFS 2005:15) (Swedish), Regulations

Employers are responsible for ensuring that the regulations concerning vibrations are followed, but employees may also need to know the rules and guidelines that apply.

Did you know that:

  • Vibration exposure is determined by both the strength of the vibrations and how long you are exposed to them.
  • Halving the strength of vibrations produced by a machine enables working time to be increased by a factor of four before a person reaches the same level of exposure.
  • Never hold onto a chisel or bit holder when working, as this will considerably increase the risk of injury.
  • In the user manual, the manufacturer or supplier must state how much the machine vibrates.

Vibrations are common within the following professional groups:

  • joiners/carpenters
  • fitters and mechanics
  • repair technicians
  • sheet metal workers
  • concrete workers
  • machine operators
  • vehicle operators


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Last updated 2022-03-22