Application for professional qualification for diving work

Diving work is work carried out under water. Examples of work are building and civil engineering work, sanitation, inspection.

How to apply

In order to carry out diving work in Sweden, you must have a diving certificate of at least the same level as an applicable Swedish professional diving certificate. You can obtain help in assessing whether your qualifications correspond to the requirements in the Swedish Work Environment provisions.

If you have qualifications from another country and wish to have these assessed, please send your personal information, certificate, and other documentation to the Swedish Work Environment Authority via the email address below.

Requirement of knowledge

Those who carry out or participate in diving work must have theoretical and practical knowledge corresponding to the demands the work can and will require. These demands are calculated taking into account the diving and work equipment used, as well as the working tasks that must be carried out.

The knowledge must be documented in the form of a certificate or proof of education. The certificate or proof of education must be issued by a national or international authority or organisation and clearly state the scope of the knowledge. 

Maintenance of knowledge

The employer must ensure that those who carry out or participate in diving work maintain sufficient knowledge and proficiency. 

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