What happens during an inspection?

Often we tell the employers that we are planning to visit. This occurs by post, email or telephone. We also inform them what the inspection is going to be about and how one can prepare. We have, however, the right to come unannounced.

During the inspection we check that the employers fulfil the work environment regulations. How this happens can vary. Most often we look at the documents that the employer must have about their work environment management and do a tour of the workplace.

In addition to the inspector and the employer, the safety representative or another employee representative normally participates. During the inspection the inspector discusses things with the employer and safety representative.

If we find shortcomings in the work environment

If there are shortcomings in the work environment management, the inspector talks about these, explains the risks that exist, and which regulations apply. The employer and safety representative will have had the possibility during the inspection to ask questions so that continued work with improving the work environment is facilitated.

If we find work environment shortcomings, the employer also receives a written report after the inspection. In this report we describe the shortcomings and which rules apply. The report also normally contains information that can help the employer rectify the work environment problems.

We often request that the employer informs us about what has been done or what will be done to remove the risks. It can also happen that we visit the employer again to see what has been done.

If the employer does not fix the shortcomings

We first try to get the employers to voluntarily fix work environment shortcomings. But if the employer does not fix the shortcomings we describe in the written report that the employer receives after the inspection, we can decide upon an injunction or a ban, in other words to coerce the employer in different ways to comply with the work environment legislation. We can combine injunctions and bans with a penalty sum – money that the employer has to pay if the injunction or ban is not followed.

Our decisions can be appealed by both the employer and the safety representative. 

Safety representative

In Sweden, you, as a safety representative, have a unique position where your role is to monitor the work environment management at the workplace.

Safety representatives

Last updated 2015-08-20