Fines, penalties and sanction fees

It can be expensive to ignore the work environment – you as an employer can receive sanction fees of up to 1 million SEK if you break work environment regulations.

Sanction fees and fines – what is the difference?

A sanction fee is a fee while fines are a penalty one is sentence to in a court of law. To break a stipulation that carries a fined is seen as a criminal act. Such a work environment case is therefore dealt with by the police and goes further to the prosecutor and the court.

Sanction fees instead of fines

Earlier, several stipulations in our provisions carried a penalty and the employer could be sentenced to fines if they broke them. From 1 July 2014 inclusive, several regulations carry a sanction fee.

Fines – for which stipulations?

You as employer can still be sentenced to fines if you give incorrect information, remove a safety device or if you violate your obligations to report accidents and serious incidents to us. Fines as a penalty remain in place for certain stipulations about minors.

Last updated 2015-09-03