Risks with building and civil engineering work

The risks with building and civil engineering work are many. Often, several different entrepreneurs work at the same time with different working moments and with a varying number of employees.

The work entails risk for one’s own staff but just as often entails risks for other employees on the construction site. The work must therefore be risk-assessed, both individually and with regard to the general building process.

It is important that each company/entrepreneur carries out a risk assessment for their work and gives the background material to the building work environment co-ordinator. The risk assessment becomes an important starting point for both the entrepreneurs’ own systematic work environment management and for the common work environment plan.

Responsibility during building and civil engineering work

Work with the work environment

Work environment plan

Safety culture

In order to have a good work environment, the systematic work environment management must be combined with a good safety culture. Read more on the page Safety culture.

Safety culture


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