Application for the use of biocidal products, class 1

If you wish to use class 1 biocidal products, you must have permission from the Swedish Work Environment Authority. Examples of biocidal products are disinfectants, wood preservatives and anti-fouling paint.

How to apply

Those who hold qualifications from another EU/EEA country must send in an application with certificates regarding training and practical experience to the Swedish Work Environment Authority via the email address below. Questions about application and permits are also sent to this address.

This applies to those cases referred to in the Swedish Code of Statutes 3 chap. 16 § 2 and 17 § in the ordinance (2014:425)  about pesticides.

Ordinance (2014:425) in the Swedish Code of Statutes, opens in a new window

Note that if the use applies to measures against vermin and pests, you must apply for permission at the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

In order to obtain a permit for use, it is required that you can show that you have the specific competence demanded in order to handle the product in a safe way. Permission must also encompass just the use for which the product is approved.

Qualification training for plant protection products is arranged by, among others, the County Administrative Boards and the Board of Agriculture.

Observe that the qualification classes stated here apply only in Sweden. There is no common system within the EU for qualification classes or training.

The Swedish Work Environment Authority’s chemical permits, in Swedish

Last updated 2021-09-20