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If you are going to make a registration or apply for a permit, you do so via an e-service or form.

E-services and forms in alphabetical order

Permission is required before using rat poison (rodenticides) because it is categorised as a biocide in authorisation class 1 So.

Description of application for permission to use biocides

It is possible to obtain an exemption from certain rules contained in the Working hours act, for example the rules on daily rest periods and night work.

The Swedish Work Environment Authority decides on exemptions in three cases, namely where

1. There is no collective agreement at your place of work

2. There is a collective agreement, but it does not deal with the specific rule for which you are seeking an exemption.

3. There is a collective agreement, but you have negotiated and are unable come to an agreement. If you have a collective agreement at your place of work, you must first negotiate with the national union to seek a solution through the collective agreement.

Apply for an exemption from the Working hours act

Doctors are required to report diseases, symptoms and problems that may be connected to a patient's work or working environment.

Doctor’s notification

Posting to Sweden means that:

  • an employer in another country sends a worker to perform a service in Sweden during a limited period of time
  • there is a recipient of the services in Sweden the worker is to perform.

The employer is responsible for reporting the posting to the Swedish Work Environment Authority and to ensure that the workers have their rights.


 If you deal with chemical hazards, you may need to carry out measurements to establish what exposure exists at your workplace. Measure air contaminates and report occupational hygiene measurements.

Forms for reporting occupational hygiene measurements

All employers must report to us:

  • serious personal injuries
  • deaths
  • injuries in connection with work which affect several employees at the same time
  • incidents which resulted in serious danger to life or health.

Reporting serious accidents or incidents

If you use genetically modified micro-organisms, GMMs, in your activities, you must notify the Swedish Work Environment Authority.

Notification and permission for GMMs

Notify the Swedish Work Environment Authority if you are to begin using a mobile plant for handling material containing quartz, such as a mobile crushing plant, a coating plant or a concrete plant.

Notification of a mobile plant for handling material containing quartz

As a contracting authority you must notify a construction site to the Swedish Work Environment Agency if any of the following apply:

  • The construction or civil engineering works will last for more than 30 working days on the construction site and more than 20 people will be working simultaneously on the site at any one point.
  • The workers on the construction site will work more than 500 person-days, that is to say everyone working will together work more than 500 days in total.

Prior notification of works on construction site

You can make a report to us if you discover products which are dangerous or if you suspect that a product does not meet legal requirements. 

Report dangerous products

The safety representative has, in the Work Environment Act, been guaranteed a number of powers. The safety representative has, among other things, the authorisation to:

  • receive training
  • be a part of actions which concern the relationships in the work environment
  • participate during the planning of new premises as well as changes in the premises.

Safety representatives

You can tip us off about poor working conditions at your place of work or any other place of work.

Tip us off or make an employee report

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