Administration and Analysis

The Department for Administration and Analysis is responsible for steering the operations, giving operative support, running the analysis work and handling transfers of funds.

  • Steering operations, such as planning and follow-up, organisational development, financing, staff, economic issues, infrastructure and environmental management.
  • Contacts with the Government Offices at civil servant level.
  • Operational support, for example human resources and economic administration, IT, acquisitions, premises and security questions.
  • Analysis work, among other things official statistics within work environment and occupational injuries, news intelligence and operational analysis, the national function for the knowledge areas of work environment and working life.
  • Transfers of funds, for regional safety representative activities.

The department is also responsible for:

  • customer service, such as general questions, e-services and switchboard
  • the register of posted workers.

Acting head of Department (Administration and Analysis) 

Olov Augrell
Telephone: 010-730 90 00

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Last updated 2024-03-08