Laser applications have a wide range of applications. Radiation is used, inter alia, to process materials and measure distances in medical treatments and in laser pointers.

The Swedish Work Environment Authority has rules regarding laser

Rules on how work with laser must be designed in order to avoid damage are laid down in the Swedish Work Environment Authority’s regulations on Artificial optical radiation (AFS 2009:7 and its update 2014:8). The rules cover, among other things, equipment and working methods. A detailed guide is provided by the European Commission to support the interpretation of the regulations and the underlying EU Directive. 

Artificial optical radiation (AFS 2009:7) (Swedish), regulations

Artificial optical radiation (AFS 2014:8), (Swedish) change regulations, pdf, opens in a new window

Artificial optical radiation European Commission, (Osha), directive, opens in new window

Last updated 2020-12-14