It is the employer who is responsible for the organisation being run in such a way that the work environment is good and that no one gets sick or hurts themselves because of their work.

Our inspections are aimed at strengthening the workplace’s own ability to prevent risks. At the same time the employer receives notification about what shortcomings need to be fixed. Normally, we inspect the workplaces that we assess to have the greatest work environment risks, but we also work in projects and campaigns where we aim towards specific work environment problems or sectors.

We notify the employers when we are planning a visit. This occurs via mail, email or telephone. At this time we also inform about what the inspection will deal with and how one can prepare for the visit. We have, however, the right to come unannounced.

The inspection is more than just a check

In addition to us checking the work environment during our inspections, our visits are also important opportunities for dialogue between the inspector, the employer and the safety representative. The inspector can show work environment shortcomings that may exist in the organisation, explain what the risks are and which rules apply. The employer and safety representative have the opportunity to ask questions so that the continued work with improving the work environment is facilitated.

Tips and guidance for your work environment management

Last updated 2015-06-30