Responsibilities for work environment in agriculture

The employer has the main responsibility for the work environment and should know the Work Environment Act and other work environment regulations that apply for the company or business. But irrespective of whether you are an employer, employee or safety representative, you have responsibility for the work environment.

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The employer has responsibility for the work environment within agriculture

You as a farmer are responsible for your workplace. This means you have the responsibility for the work environment of all who have ever worked for you, even people who are temporarily working in agriculture. It may be, for example, farm relief workers, farriers, veterinarians and other helpers. Even if you are self-employed with no employees, you are responsible for the work environment on your farm.

You can find more information for you as an employer:

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Systematic Work Environment Management (AFS 2001:1), provisions

The employee has a vital role in work environment management within agriculture

You who are employees can participate in the work environment management in several ways:

  • Inform your employer about risks, incidents, illness and accidents.
  • Propose preventive measures for your manager and your colleagues.
  • Leave viewpoints on the measures that have been implemented.
  • Follow the instructions that your workplace has decided upon.
  • Use personal protective equipment.

Here is more information for you as an employee.

Employee participation in work environment management 

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