Documentation for future construction work

The client should ensure that a documentation is produced that can be needed in order to work safe and healthy when conducting future work on the building or structure, for example during operation or demolition.

The work environment documentation should be drawn up by the building work environment coordinator for planning and design (Bas-P). The coordinator for the construction phase (Bas-U) should ensure that the documentation is complete when the construction work is finalized. The client should keep the documentation as long as the building or structure remains and hand it over to a new owner.

The documentation should describe

  • the construction of the object,
  • and design of the object, and
  • what materials and building products that have been used.

The documentation for future work can consist of selected parts of the documentation that are normally drawn up during construction work, supplemented with suitable information about the work environment. The descriptions should be sufficient enough to be able to work safe and healthy with:

  • operation,
  • maintenance and repair,
  • alteration and
  • demolition of the building or facility.

Last updated 2024-01-04