Noise prevention

Noise can be a problem in many different types of workplaces:

  • in industry
  • in agriculture
  • in the office
  • in restaurants
  • in bars
  • in the concert hall
  • in gyms
  • in school and preschool.

Regardless of the type of workplace, it is important that noise prevention is a natural part of the business. It is a continuous process. This means that you plan, conduct and follow up the work regularly so that the risks of noise disappears or are reduced as much as possible.

For noise, this is done in four steps:

  1. Examine the working conditions
  2. Assess the risks
  3. Actions and action plan, what measures that can be done to reduce risks
  4. Control, check that the measures have contributed to a better sound environment

The steps are based on the Swedish Work Environment Authority's regulations on systematic work with the work environment.

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Last updated 2022-09-01