Employer’s obligations

Here is information on what you are obliged to do if you post workers to Sweden.

At the page Posting, you can read about what posting is and what typical posting situations there are.

As an employer, you must:

  • report postings of workers to Sweden in the Swedish Work Environment Authority’s service Report a posting
  • comply with the Swedish rules and collective agreemeents on the working environment, discrimination, working hours, holidays, parental leave, salary and taxes.

More information on what rules and collective agreements you have to comply with, is at the page Posted worker's rights and obligations.

Report a posting

If you are to post a worker, you must report it no later than the day the worker begins the work in Sweden.

You should not make a new report if an already reported worker needs to be absent for ashorter time during the posting period. For example, it may be due tolimited work in his home country, sickness, leave or holiday.

You must appoint a contact person in Sweden who you indicate in your report.The contact person may be anyone as long as he or she is in Sweden. It may be, for example, a posted worker or a person at a consulting company or similar.

No later than the date the worker begins the work in Sweden, you must also provide documentation to the recipient of service that you have reported the posting to the Swedish Work Environment Authority. The recipient of service is the party that receives the services that the posted worker will perform. The documentation may for example be the notification that you will receive from us through e-mail when you have reported a worker.

Report a posting

The contact person’s rights and obligations

The contact person that you have appointed must be in Sweden during the whole period of the posting.

The contact person is authorised to receive service of documents on your behalf.The contact person must also be able to present documents which state that the requirements in the Posting of Workers Act are met. This may, for example, be an employment contract that shows that the workers have the conditions required according to the Posting of Workers Act, necessary documentation according to the Work Environment Act and time reports.

Sanctions if you do not report according to the rules

If you as an employer do not report the posting or contact person in due time, you may have to pay a sanction fee. The same applies if you do not provide documentation of the report to the recipient of service on time.

If the registration is incorrect or insufficient, the Swedish Work Environment Authority can order you to correct the deficiencies. The same applies if the reported information is not updated. You may also receive an order if the contact person does not carry out his or her assignment according to the regulations. The order may be linked to a penalty amount that is issued if you do not correct the deficiencies.

Your responsibility for long-term posting

If a posting has lasted more than 12 months, the posted worker has the right to almost all of the working conditions and terms of employment that apply to employees in Sweden in a corresponding situation. The time does not apply to one single worker, but different workers’ time shall be counted together if they take over the work from each other and continue to perform the same service at the same place. As an employer, you must inform a posted worker who replaces another posted worker of the combined total posting time no later than the date the worker begins the work in Sweden.

You may extend the time to 18 months if you notify the extension and provide the reasons for it to the Swedish Work Environment Authority. You must do so no later than the date the worker has been posted for 12 months.

Your motivated notification should include the following:

  1. company name and corporate identity number or equivalent of the posting company
  2. name of the recipient of service in Sweden
  3. place or address in Sweden where the posted worker is providing the service
  4. name and a unique official identification number of the posted worker concerned by the extension
  5. date of when the service began to be performed
  6. date of when the service is estimated to be finished
  7. your reasons for extending the time from 12 to 18 months

Please send your motivated notification to:


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