Employer’s obligations

Here is information on what you are obliged to do if you post employees to Sweden.

As an employer, you must:

  • register postings of employees to Sweden in the Swedish Work Environment Authority’s posting register
  • comply with the Swedish rules on the working environment, discrimination, working hours, holidays, parental leave and taxes.

More information on what rules you must follow is on the page below

Posted employees’ rights and obligations.

Register the posting

If one of your employees is to be posted for more than five days, as an employer you must register it in the posting register. The registration must have been made no later than when the employee begins working in Sweden.

If the posting was to be no more than five days, but the work is extended, you must register it no later than the sixth day.

Information that you must register is:

  • name, postal address and domicile or registered office
  • contact information to an authorised company signatory for you as an employer (may be in your home country)
  • the type of services that are to be performed in Sweden
  • planned time period for the performance of the services in Sweden
  • location for the performance of the service(s)
  • the posted employees’ names and personal ID numbers or dates of birth
  • information on a contact person in Sweden that you have appointed.

Report a foreign posting in Sweden

The contact person’s rights and obligations

As an employer, you must appoint a contact person. The contact person is authorised to receive service of documents on your behalf.

The contact person must also be able to present documents which state that the requirements in the Posting of Workers Act are met. This may, for example, be an employment contract that shows that the employees have the conditions required according to the Posting of Workers Act, necessary documentation according to the Work Environment Act and time reports.

Sanctions if you do not register according to the rules

If you as an employer do not register the posting or contact person in due time, you must pay a sanction fee of SEK 20,000.

If the registration is incorrect or insufficient, the Swedish Work Environment Authority can order you to correct the deficiencies. The same applies if the registered information is not updated. You may also receive an order if the contact person does not carry out his/her assignment according to the regulations. The order may be linked to a penalty amount that is issued if you do not correct the deficiencies.

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