Work with regulations and provisions

The government has described which goals the Swedish Work Environment Authority should work towards when it comes to provisions in the work environment area. The provisions should create sound, safe and developing work environments.

Provisions are renewed, amended and combined

The Riksdag and the government demand that authorities carry out the simplification of regulations and thoroughly weigh whether a provision is necessary or whether one can solve the problems in another way, for example through information. The regulations in the provisions that remain need to be continually looked over and amended. New knowledge about risks and changes in working life, as well as new EU Directives, entail that continuous work with the set of regulations is necessary. Provisions are amended, combined and, in some cases, abolished.

Many work with formulating provisions

Central within our organisation are about fifty officials who are experts within, for example, the chemical, psychosocial, ergonomic or technical areas. One of their primary tasks is working with provisions. They also participate as Swedish representatives during the drafting of EU Directives and standards. To maintain their competence, they must know about research and development in their area and also have close contact with inspectors from the Swedish Work Environment Authority who inspect workplaces.

The work with provisions is generally very time-consuming because it is about writing texts that are practically adapted and technical, as well as scientifically and legally correct. To receive opinions and to, at an early stage, discuss and entrench new ideas, we have contact with, among others, the partners on the labour market, sector organisations and other affected authorities. In addition to the expert officials, legal experts, inspectors and communicators participate in this work. We place great importance on seeing that the language in the provisions is as comprehensible as possible. The texts are scrutinised by a language expert.

Proposals are referred for consideration

When a proposal to a provision text has been drawn up, it is sent as a referral for consideration to representatives of those affected, for example the partners on the labour market, sector organisations, certain authorities and other affected parties. The proposal is also published on our website, For the organisations to be able to discuss proposals with their associations and member companies, the time for the referral is normally three months. In general we make a number of amendments thereafter, according to the points of view brought in by the consultation bodies.

It is the Director-General of the Swedish Work Environment Authority who decides about new provisions. Normally these provisions begin to apply approximately six months after the decision. The provisions are printed and can be bought, and are also published on our website where they can be downloaded for free.

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Last updated 2023-10-15