Reporting dangerous or defective products

Report dangerous products.

Reporting dangerous or defective products

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Report dangerous or defective products


You can make a report to us if you discover products which are dangerous or if you suspect that a product does not meet legal requirements. You can, for example, report products which have no CE marking Swedish instructions for use or are not as safe as they should be. If you are reporting products, you should at the same time notify the shops which sell the products or the manufacturer which produces them.

The Swedish Work Environment Authority deals with reports concerning products where we are the supervisory authority, for example pressure vessels, respiratory protective equipment, trestles or chain saws. The aim is to ensure that all products are safe and comply with European and national rules.

The Swedish Work Environment Authority examines all complaints and assesses whether there are grounds for carrying out a more thorough check. For us to be able to determine whether a product has defects, we need as much information about the product as possible.

You may remain anonymous, but then we are unable to contact you

You may make a report anonymously if you wish. However, if you do remain anonymous the Swedish Work Environment Authority will be unable to contact you if we have any questions. It is therefore important that you set out in detail what you consider to be dangerous about the product.

Please bear in mind that your report will be a public document. Therefore, do not enter any information about yourself which you do not want others to read.

The Swedish Work Environment Authority determines what action that will be taken

Within two months of the date of the report the Swedish Work Environment Authority will determine what will be done with the information we receive in your report. We can, for example, carry out so-called ‘market surveillance’ of the product. In that case, we will contact the undertaking which manufactures or sells the product. The undertaking will then have an opportunity to comply of its own accord. If the undertaking chooses to disregard the views of the Swedish Work Environment Authority, we can issue a ban on sales.

Your report is important

Even if your report does not become a market surveillance case, it is important to us. Reports provide us with good-quality information on products on the market and form an important part of our external monitoring.

All reports are stored in our records and may be relevant in the future when we are planning market surveillance.

Do not report warranty issues

We only deal with issues relating to a product's non-compliance with existing legal requirements. Where issues relating to product warranty are involved, you should instead contact the undertaking where you purchased the product.

Last updated 2023-02-27