Here is information on what posting is, what obligations you have as an employer when you post employees to Sweden and what rights the employees have.
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Posting means that:

  • an employer sends an employee to perform a service in another country during a limited period of time
  • there is a recipient of the services the employee is to perform.

A limited period of time means that there must be a start and end date for when the services are to be performed.

Recipients of the services can be companies, a customer, a financial partner or a company in the same corporate group. 

Workers must be able to move across national borders in a good way

The rules on posting are common for the EU and the EEA. They shall strengthen the rights of posted employees and make it easier for people to work in other countries and for companies to offer their services across borders. The rules also aim to combat social dumping. This means that companies shall not be able to exploit differences in working and employment conditions to gain competitive advantages.

The Swedish Work Environment Authority is the contact authority in Sweden

The Swedish Work Environment Authority is the contact authority for posting in Sweden. This means that we provide guidance on the laws that apply in Sweden to posted employees. We provide information about collective agreements and contact information to employer and employee representatives.

We also cooperate with contact authorities in other countries. If you want to reach other contact authorities in the EU and EEA, you should turn to the European Commission.

National liaison offices and authorities, European Commission website, opens in a new window

The rules that govern posting

The Swedish rules on posting are in the following statutes:

Posting of Workers Act, Swedish government offices website, opens in a new window

Posting of Workers Ordinance, Swedish government offices website, opens in a new window

A summary in several languages of what applies in posting of employees can be found in our brochure:

Information about posting of employees (ADI 712 Eng), brochure

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