Recipient’s of service obligations

Here is information on what you must do if you receive services performed by posted workers.

The posting employer must provide you documentation showing that he or she has reported the posting no later than the date the posted worker begins the work in Sweden.

If you have not received this documentation, you must notify the Swedish Work Environment Authority of this no later than three days after the work has begun. If you do not do so, you may be required to pay a fine.

Your notification to us should include the following:

  1. name and corporate identity number of your company or organisation
  2. contact information to you who notify us
  3. name and corporate identity number or equivalent of the posting company that you have an agreement with
  4. address to the place where the service is to be performed
  5. date of when the provision of service is to be begin
  6. date of when the service is to be finished

Please send your notification to:

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Last updated 2020-07-30