Permits, notifications and forms concerning asbestos

Application for demolition of asbestos or materials containing asbestos

You must have a permit from the Swedish Work Environment Authority if you intend to demolish structures containing asbestos.

Applications must be submitted no later than five weeks prior to commencement of the demolition. You must also re-apply in the event of any company reorganisation or if your company is assigned a new organisation number.

Permits are not transferable. This means that you cannot use a permit that we have issued to another company for the same workplace.


How to apply

  1. Fill out the application
    • Fill out the form below.
    • Please note that you need to fill in the form and submit your application at the same time.
  2. Send your application to us
    • Click on the submit-button in the form.

We will contact the contact person and request supplementary information if the application does not contain all the requisite information. You will then have two weeks to supplement the application, but you can ask for more time. Applications will normally be rejected if we do not receive the supplementary information we require. We will contact you by email in the first instance.

We will check the information and reach a decision if the application concerns the extension of a permit. We will inform your contact person of the decision, normally by email. The handling and safety instructions will also be sent with the decision once these have been checked. Any extended permit will have a new reference number.

An inspector will check that you have the requisite knowledge to carry out asbestos demolition. We will issue a decision granting you a demolition permit provided everything is in order. We will notify your contact person of our decision by email wherever possible. The handling and safety instructions will also be sent together with the decision once these have been checked.

Knowledge deficiencies or omissions in the application identified by the inspector may result in you not being granted a permit for asbestos demolition. We will send you a decision letter, normally by email.

  1. You can appeal if your permit application is rejected
    You are entitled to appeal our decision. The decision letter will state what you must do. Send your appeal to the Swedish Work Environment Authority. Explain why you think we should change our decision.
  2. We will then decide whether to reconsider your application
    We will first decide whether to re-assess your application. If we decide to amend our initial decision, you will be notified, normally by email.
  3. Your appeal will be referred to the courts if we do not reconsider your application
    We will forward your appeal to the appropriate court, i.e. the administrative court in the region where the decision on your application was made.

Contact the administrative court if you would like to follow the progress of your application.

Contact our response service: 

010 730 90 00

Information about the company applying for a permit

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Contact details

The contact person does not need to be a manager/head of a project, but can be anyone in your company.
What is important is that the person can be contacted easily during office hours.
With an accessible contact person, your application can be processed more quickly, without undue delay.


The time needed to process your case is normally five weeks.
Therefore, do not apply for a permit from today’s date.

Attach documents

The following attachments must be submitted in order to obtain an approved permit.

Mark above that the compulsory attachments are attached.

Max 20Mb/file. Max 15 files.
Permissible file formats: pdf, doc, docx, jpg, tif and png.

No file selected.

Other information

Here you can provide other information that may be helpful in processing your application.

This can include:

  • current permit record number
  • current permit expiry
  • you will provide at a later date any document that is missing at the time of application
  • why the opinion of the safety officer is missing

Processing of personal data