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Av.se aims to give support to those who are responsible for the work environment at a workplace, are affected by the Work Environment Act or other legislation that the Swedish Work Environment Authority has supervision over.

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The aim of the website is to:

  • convey topical facts and news
  • answer your questions and increase your knowledge
  • show how a good work environment is positive for employers, employees and other stakeholders
  • explain what the Work Environment Act and our provisions entail
  • describe our mission and what we do for our stakeholders
  • offer practical support, tools and services.


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Those with visual impairment can use our “Listen” function to read out the texts on the website.

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Intellectual property


We have produced many of the photographs and texts on our website ourselves. Please contact us if you wish to use any of our material.

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Copyright does not apply to our provision texts. The illustrations and images that are included in the provisions are, however, protected by copyright.

For the images in the provisions to be used, an agreement with the Swedish Work Environment Authority or with others who hold the copyright to them is required.


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Last updated 2023-01-10