Legal Affairs

The department’s tasks mainly consist of:

  • Answering legal questions from the general public within our operational area.
  • Giving legal advice to other departments.
  • Seeing that our activities are consistent with the law.
  • Dealing with complaints regarding our exercise of public authority.
  • Carrying out judicial, formal and language scrutiny of proposals for our provisions
  • Issuing our Code of Statutes, giving printing permission and building the register of statutes.
  • Judicially and formally scrutinising our information material.
  • Being responsible for the registry and the handling of documents.
  • Deciding in confidentiality questions at the head office which have been referred to the authority.
  • Dealing with working hour matters.
  • Dealing with matters from the EU Commission about Sweden’s incorporation of EU Directives.
  • Being responsible for the tasks which result from the authority’s function as a liaison office according to the Act (1999:678) on the posting of employees.
  • Cooperating with, among others, the Prosecutor-General, the Police and the Swedish Maritime Administration.
  • Participate and influence legislation and policymaking processes in EU.
  • Participate and influence international development cooperation.
  • Contribute with expertise, knowledge and information about OSH issues international dimension.

Head of Department (Legal Affairs)

Eva Nilsson
Telephone: 010-730 90 00

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Last updated 2024-01-03