The Inspection Department consists of five regions: Region North, Region Mid, Region East, Region West, and Region South.

Our regional offices

The main task of the department is to work with supervision according to work environment legislation. This includes, among other things:

  • carrying out inspections, accident investigations, occupational hygiene measurements and other supervisory efforts, as well as making the demands necessary for compliance with the Work Environment Act and its accompanying provisions
  • making decisions about injunctions/bans
  • requesting the imposition of penalties, prosecution probation or the levying of sanction fees
  • cooperating with other authorities
  • carrying out information and education activities with prioritised groups
  • carrying out market surveillance
  • deciding in matters regarding permits, concessions, exemptions and dispensation
  • initiating deviations from the geographically decided supervisions
  • dealing with cases that have been appealed in a court of law.

Porträtt på Pia Zätterström, avdelningschef (Inspektion)

Head of Department (Inspection)

Pia Zätterström
Telephone: +46 (0)10-730 97 00


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Last updated 2016-10-04