Work with fire hazards

It is common with ”hot works” in construction, which means that it is common with works posing fire hazards. Therefore, it is important to plan the works and the construction site so that the risk of fire, and the risk that a fire will be spreading, are minimized. If it would start burning anyway, all persons on the construction site should be able to evacuate in a safe way.

Prevent fire and the spreading of fire

When a building or civil engineering work and a construction site is planned it is important to think about

  • choosing materials and methods that prevent a fire to start
  • minimize the risk risk of an eventual fire to spread, for example by the way material is stored.

There should be easily accessible firefighting equipment at the workplace. Places where it is to be found should be clearly marked by signage. If necessary, smoke detectors and alarm systems should exist. These can be necessary, for example, where flammable substances are used, where evacuation routes are long, and where many people work at the same time. Suitable fire drills should also be carried out regularly.

The construction site should be able to evacuate

All workplaces should be able to be evacuated in the event of danger, for example fire. Everyone should be able to quickly and safely reach a secure area. Specially designated evacuation routes, as well as gathering points, should be marked with signs. Doors for evacuation should easily and immediately be able to be opened outwards in the direction of the evacuation.

Emergency lighting of sufficient strength should exist where specific risks arise during power failures. If the light suddenly fails where work with, for example, building saws or the erection of scaffolding is on-going, serious accidents can occur if there is no emergency lighting.

Last updated 2024-01-04