Permits, notifications and forms concerning asbestos

Reporting removal of asbestos

Make a report each time you are going to remove asbestos

You must first have obtained from us authorisation to remove asbestos. Once you have obtained such authorisation, you must report to us each case of work with asbestos. Report no later than two working day before you begin removing asbestos.

In urgent cases, you may have to start removing asbestos before you have time to report in writing, for example after a water leak. In that case, you must obtain oral approval from us before you start the work.

Description of how to fill in the form

How we process personal data

1. Details of the removal company

Company name

Obtain the company name using your corporate identity number.

2. Contact details

3. Date of removal

4. Details of the building from which asbestos is to be removed

5. Details of the company requesting the removal

6. Information about the removal

Type of removal

Blue asbestos (Crocidolite) (optional)
Sanitation method (optional)

7. Scope of the removal

8. How the waste will be transported and disposed of

9. Other information (optional)

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