Application for authorisation to handle asbestos or material containing asbestos in research, development or analysis

Apply for authorisation to handle asbestos in research, development or analysis

To handle asbestos for research purposes you must have authorisation from the Swedish Work Environment Authority. An authorisation is non-transferable. This means that you cannot use an authorisation which we granted to another undertaking for the same workplace.

Apply no later than five weeks before you are to begin the work.

How to apply

  1. Fill in the application form
    The application must contain the following information:

    • The contact details of someone at the undertaking who can answer our questions about the application. It does not have to be a manager or project director, but it is important that it is easy for us to contact the person during office hours.

    • Training certificates for all workers who are to participate in the work, for example in pdf format.

    • Your handling and protection instructions, for example in pdf format or Word.

    • A statement from the regional or local safety representative, for example in Word or pdf.

      Asbestos handling research permit application, pdf, opens i a new window

  2. Send your application to us
    Send your application by email to

    or by letter to
    Box 9082
    171 09 Solna

If the application does not contain all the information, we will get in touch with the contact person and request supplementary information. In that case, you have two weeks to supplement the application, but you can have more time if you ask for it. If we do not receive the supplementary information, we will normally refuse the application. We will primarily contact you by email.

Once we have received the application, we will decide whether to grant you authorisation. In that connection, we may pay you a visit.

If everything is as it should be, we will decide to grant you authorisation. We will notify your contact person of our decision, if possible by email. Together with the decision we will also send the checked handling and protection instructions.

If we discover gaps in knowledge or gaps in the application, this may result in you not being granted authorisation to work with asbestos. We will send you a decision letter, normally by email.

  1. You may appeal if you do not receive authorisation.
    You have the right to appeal our decision. The decision letter will set out how you should do so. Send the appeal to the Swedish Work Environment Authority. Set out why you consider that we should change our decision.

  2. We will decide whether to reassess the application.
    We will first decide whether to reassess the application. If we do so and decide not to change our initial decision, you will receive notification, normally by email.

  3. If we do not reassess the application, the appeal will be brought before a court of law.
    We will submit the appeal to a court of law, that is to say the administrative court in the region in which the decision on your application was taken.

    Contract the regional court if you wish to follow what happens to your application.

If you have any questions

 Contact our answering service by telephone on 010-730 90 00.

Last updated 2023-01-27