In order to reduce the number of accidents, the Swedish Work Environment Authority has decided on regulations that will make work safer. On this page we have gathered basic information about what the regulations mean and how they can work to achieve a better and safer work environment.

Bild på man iförd varselkläder och skyddsutrustning med motorkedjesåg

Forestry is one of the most accident-prone industries in Sweden, and every year several people die working in the forest. Particularly affected are those working manually with chainsaws.

Revised provisions on the use of chainsaws and brush cutters

In order to improve the work environment and reduce accidents, we have revised the provisions on the use of chainsaws and brush cutters (AFS 2012: 01). The provisions entail changes for

  • Documentation of achieved proficiency requirements
  • Sanction Fees
  • High visibility clothing
  • Work in a safe way – safety distances etcetera
  • Associations
  • Self-employed and sole holders
  • Work on platforms.

Read more about the revised Regulations under In Depth About Forestry.

In depth about forestry

Cutting tools with linked metal parts are prohibited

A cutting tool that has connected metal parts is risky to work with, and the protection available is often inadequate. Therefore, the EU Commission decided that articulated cutting tools designed for portable, hand-held brush cutters should not be released onto the market. The decision came into force on 30 April 2012. Below are examples of prohibited accessories for clearing saws:

Förbjudet tillbehör till  röjsåg.

Förbjudet tillbehör till  röjsåg.

Last updated 2017-04-27