Building and civil engineering work

Accidents and occupational illnesses are twice as common among construction workers as among other employees. Falls from height, different types of musculoskeletal injuries and accidents when using different types of machines are some of the causes.

Building and civil engineering work has living workplaces where the prerequisites constantly change. It demands good planning and design where everyone who is in the process, that is to say clients, architects, designers, construction work environment co-ordinators, and employers, uphold their responsibility to always take the work environment into consideration. This applies to the planning, design and construction of a building or facility, as well as to the coming workplaces that will be found there.

It is particularly important to:

  • create the possibilities for a good work environment even during the planning and design of a construction site
  • carry out the construction work with the help of good planning, design, coordination and follow-up with the focus on work environment and safety
  • think about the building or facility’s needs regarding operation and maintenance, as well as needs that the coming workplaces in the building could have.

What counts as building and civil engineering work?

Many different types of work are counted as building and civil engineering work, for example to:

  • build a house, an office, a factory or a tunnel
  • renovate by repainting, changing water and drainage pipes or electrical installations
  • build a park, excavate for cables and roads, or build/maintain roads and railway tracks
  • assemble power cables or masts.

With this type of work, the provisions about building and civil engineering work (AFS 1999:03Eng), always apply, irrespective of whether it is a small or a large job.

Building and civil engineering work (AFS 1999:03Eng), provisions

The provisions for building and civil engineering work, as well as the third chapter of the Work Environment Act, are aimed at the employer, building work environment co-ordinator for design and planning (Bas-P), the building work environment co-ordinator for execution (Bas-U), the client (they who carry out the building and civil engineering work), designers (architects, engineers, consultants etcetera), prefabricated building manufacturers, and entrepreneurs.

Sanction fees within construction

Since 1 July 2014 sanction fees have been imposed within building and civil engineering.

Sanction fees

Protect yourself against falls from height (ADI 703), brochure

Who is responsible for what within building and construction? (ADI 704 Eng), brochure

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