Application for professional qualifications for blasting leaders

A blasting leader manages and is responsible for blasting work during, for example, building and civil engineering work.

The blasting leader is responsible for the work taking place in a professional way, for seeing that those who work in the blasting team receive the necessary instructions, as well as for the explosive goods and equipment being handled and stored correctly.

The employer is responsible for the blasting leader having the correct training and permit.

How to apply

If you have qualifications as the responsible person during blasting work from another EU/EEA country, you must send an application with certification of training and practical experience to the Swedish Work Environment Authority via email.


A blasting leader must have documented theoretical knowledge about blasting as well as at least one year’s practical experience of blasting work. Most common is that the blasting leader has a so called ’blasting card’. In order to obtain this, one needs to have undergone the training ’Basic Course in blasting techniques’. One must also have at least 1 year practice within the area during the last five years. A blasting card is valid for 10 years and must thereafter be renewed. It is the responsibility of the employer to see that the blasting leader practises and renews their knowledge.

Blasting cards are issued in two classes: Class A gives accreditation for all professional blasting.

Class B applies to less complicated types of blasting, for example the reduction of field stones, cement blocks, boats, and precision controlled rock blasting.

It is not compulsory to have a blasting card if one, in another way, can prove that one has the theoretical knowledge required. A permit to be a blasting leader is not issued, over and above demands being placed upon training and practical experience and this being able to be proved. 

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Last updated 2016-10-18