Accident statistics in agriculture

Accidents in agriculture are primarily caused by machinery, animals, and by falls from height. In 2013, a total of 223 accidents and 12 serious incidents, i.e. situations that could have led to serious accidents, were reported.

Many employed in agriculture are sole holders

In total there were 113 449 active workplaces in agriculture in 2013. Of these, 93 per cent (105,064) were sole holders, and 2 per cent (2470) had 3-10 employees. There was a total of 21 800 employees (figure from 2012). Of these, 24 per cent were women and 76 per cent were men.

Most accidents in agriculture are caused by animals

Most animal accidents are reported from agriculture, and fatal accidents are usually caused by cattle. After cattle, horses are the most commonly involved in accidents. It is mostly older men and younger women who are involved in accidents.

Type and number of accidents
Type of accident Number of reported accidents
Caused by cattle 39
Caused by horses 17
Caused by machinery 34
Falling accidents 32

There were no deaths in agriculture in 2013

In 2013, there were no fatalities, but this seems more like an exception. In previous years, the statistics looked like this:

Number of deaths by year
Year Accidents [number]
2009 6
2010 2
2011 12
2012 4

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