Building work environment coordinators

The building work environment coordinators, Bas-P and Bas-U, are appointed by the client to coordinate the work environment issues in a construction project. They should, among other things, make sure that there are prerequisites to be able to work safely, and that the different work does not create difficulties for others.

The client is responsible for Bas-P and Bas-U having the specialised practical and theoretical knowledge demanded by the task. The Bas-P and Bas-U that are appointed can be both legal or natural persons. A natural person is an individual person while a judicial person can be a public limited liability company.

Keep in mind, however, that there can only be one Bas-P and one Bas-U at a time in a project.

Bas-P (Building work environment coordinator for the planning and design phase)

Bas-P is a building work environment coordinator in the early stage, which is called the planning and design phase. Bas-P should coordinate and compile the background material that is drawn up by the different designers (architects, structural engineers and other persons involved in the planning and design) as well as planning and designing the project according to work environment and safety.

Bas-P should create a work environment plan when such a plan is required, before the construction site is established. In practice, this means that Bas-P coordinates the designers plans so that the different types of work will not create risks for each other.

A Bas-P who does not make sure that there is work environment plan before a construction site is established can have to pay a sanction fee.

Bas-U (P (Building work environment coordinator for the construction phase)

Bas-U is the building work environment coordinator during the construction stage, that is the execution of the building or civil engineering work. Bas-U is the person who coordinates the different contractors´ work so that one contractor does not create risks for another. Bas-U does this through, among other things, organising the safety work.

Bas-U should adapt the work environment plan, that Bas-P has drawn up, to the practical work. This can entail investigating which working methods or working equipment the contractors use, as well as whether they fulfil our work environment regulations. Bas-U can do this by requesting risk information, with descriptions of measures, as background material for their adaptation of the work environment plan. Bas-U is the person who coordinates the work so that the different contractors´works do not create risks for others.

Bas-U is responsible for the work environment plan being accessible to all at the construction site and that it is up to date with the work that is ongoing at all times. A Bas-U who does not make sure that the work environment plan is accessible to everyone, can have to pay a sanction fee.

Last updated 2024-01-04