Reporting dangerous or defective products

Report dangerous products

By reporting a product, you inform the Swedish Work Environment Authority that there may be deficiencies in the product.

How to make a report

  1. Fill out the report
    • Fill out the form below.
    • Please note that you need to fill in the form and submit your report at the same time.
  2. Send your report to us
    • Click on the submit-button in the form.

Your report will be given a reference number which will appear directly on the screen when you have submitted the report. You can use the reference number to contact us and to see how the case is progressing.

Within two months there will be information in the case as to how we are assessing the report.

Contact our response service: 

010 730 90 00

You can also attach pictures or a document to clarify product defects. Such as manuals, picture of the Product and the EC declaration. No file selected.
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