Reporting serious accidents or incidents

No one should become ill, be injured or die at work. Therefore, the Swedish Work Environment Authority follows up serious injuries and serious incidents so that we can all avoid them happening again.

All employers must report to us:

  • serious personal injuries
  • deaths
  • injuries in connection with work which affect several employees at the same time
  • incidents which resulted in serious danger to life or health.

Report what has happened as soon as possible, preferably on the same day.

If you, as an employer, fail to report a serious event, you may be ordered by a court to pay a fine under Chapter 8, Paragraph 2, of the Law on working conditions.

How to make a report as an employer

  1. Make a report on the internet
    Clink on the link 'Anmäl arbetsskada’ below. You will come to a website where you have to select which type of injury you wish to report. You provide information on, amongst other things, the undertaking concerned, what has happened, where and when it happened, and who the contract person is.

    Anmäl arbetsskada (Swedish), external website, opens in a new window

  2. You will receive an acknowledgement
    Once you have made a report, an acknowledgement of your report will appear on the screen. Print off the acknowledgement or save it electronically. The acknowledgement will contain all the information which you provided in your report.

  3. We will contact you if we require further information
    We read all reports and assess whether we should
    • carry out an inspection
    • take part in your investigation of the event
    • take no action.

      If we do not contact you or your organisation within three weeks, we have normally decided to take no action.

Do you have any questions? Contact our answering service by telephone on 010-730 90 00.

Last updated 2020-12-14