The Nordic Expert Group

The Nordic Expert Group - a Nordic collaboration for production of criteria documents on chemicals for occupational exposure limits.

Nordic expert groupThe Nordic Expert Group for Criteria Documentation of Health Risks from Chemicals (NEG) consists of scientific experts from the Nordic countries representing different fields of science, such as toxicology, occupational hygiene and occupational medicine. The main task is to produce criteria documents to be used by the regulatory authorities of the Nordic countries as the scientific basis for setting occupational exposure limits (OELs) for chemical substances. Thus, the actual setting of an OEL is a national concern.

NEG is mainly financed by the Swedish Work Environment Authority and the Norwegian Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. All countries contribute with scientific expertise. The documents, written in English, are published by the University of Gothenburg in the scientific serial Arbete och Hälsa. The documents are also available as pdf downloads via this website under Publications.

The decision to produce a document is mainly based on requests from the Nordic regulatory authorities. The availability of scientific data, recently published criteria documents and ongoing activities at the international level are also considered.

The responsibility of preparing a document is allocated to a scientist in one of the Nordic countries.

NEG has a bilateral co-operation with US NIOSH and the Dutch Expert Committee on Occupational Safety (DECOS).

New criteria document

Diesel Engine Exhaust (will open in a new window) 

Annual report 2016

NEG Annual report 2016, in Swedish (pdf, will open in a new window)


Published documents (click to expand)

No Substance Year:Issue Authors Lang.
149 Diesel engine exhaust 2016;49(6) Piia Taxell,
Tiina Santonen
148 Carbon nanotubes 2013;47(5) Maria Hedmer,
Monica Kåredal,
Per Gustavsson
Jenny Rissler
147 Carbon monoxide 2012;46(7) Helene Stockman-Juvala Eng
146 Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) 2012;46(1) Birgitta Lindell Eng
145 Aluminium and aluminium compounds 2011;45(7)   Eng
144 Endotoxins 2011;45(4)   Eng
143 Photosphate triesters with flame retardant properties 2010;44(6) Bengt Sjögren, Anders Iregren, Jill Järnberg Eng


Occupational exposure to chemicals and hearing impairment 2010;44(4) Ann-Christin Johnson, Thais C Morata Eng
141 Isoflurane, sevoflurane and desflurane 2009;43(9) Anne Thoustrup Saber, Karin Sørig Hougaard Eng
140 Sulphuric, hydrochloric, nitric and phosphoric acids 2009;43(7) Marianne van der Hagen, Jill Järnberg Eng
139 Fungal spores 2006:21 Wijnand Eduard Eng
138 Microbial volatile organic compounds (MVOCs) 2006:13 Anne Korpi, Jill Järnberg, Anna-Liisa Pasanen Eng
137 Ammonia 2005:13 Jyrki Liesivuori Eng
136 Cyclic acid anhydrides 2004:15 Helena Keskinen Eng
135 gamma-Butyrolactone 2004:07 Erik Søderlund Eng
134 Penicillins 2004:06 Gregory A Moore och Olle Nygren Eng
133 Tetrachloroethene 2003:14 Karel de Raat Eng
132 Formaldehyde 2003:11 Anton Wibowo Eng
131 Lithium and lithium compounds 2002:16 Birgitta Json Lagerkvist and Birgitta Lindell Eng
130 Tin and inorganic tin compounds 2002:10 Bente Westrum, Yngvar Thomassen Eng
129 Chlorotrimethylsilane 2002:02 Hans Stouten, Fons Rutten, Iris van de Gevel, Flora deVrijer Eng
128 Triglycidyl isocyanurate 2001:18 Birgitta Lindell, Johan Montelius Eng
127 Hydrogen sulphide 2001:14 Kristin Svendsen Eng
126 1,2,3-Bensotriazole 2000:24 H Stouten, AAJJL Rutten, IA van de Gevel, and F De Vrijer Eng
125 Toluene 2000:19 Grete Østergaard Swe
124 Thermal degradation products of polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, polyvinylchloride, and polytetrafluoroethylene in the processing of plastics 1998:12 Antti Zitting Eng
123 Antimony 1998:11 John Erik Berg, Knut Skyberg Eng
122 Dichlorobenzenes 1998:20 Per Lundberg Swe
122 Dichlorobenzenes 1998:04 Eivor Elovaara Eng
121 Refractory Ceramic Fibres 1998:20 Vidar Skaug Nor
121 Refractory Ceramic Fibres 1996:30 Vidar Skaug Eng
120 Flour dust 1998:20 Per Lundberg Swe
120 Flour dust 1996:27 Ulla Tiikkainen, Kyösti Louhelainen, Henrik Nordman Eng
119 Nickel and nickel compounds 1995:27 Antero Aitio Swe
119 Nickel and nickel compounds 1995:26 Antero Aitio Eng
118 Cyanoacrylates 1995:27 Johan Montelius Swe
118 Cyanoacrylates 1995:25 Johan Montelius Eng
117 Propene 1995:27 Brita Beije Swe
117 Propene 1995:07 Brita Beije Eng
116 Glyoxal 1995:27 Per Lundberg Swe
116 Glyoxal 1995:02 Per Lundberg Eng
115 N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP) 1994:42 Bengt Åkesson Swe
115 N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP) 1994:40 Bengt Åkesson Eng
114 Cobalt and cobalt compounds 1994:42 Uffe Midtgård, Mona Lise Binderup Dan
114 Cobalt and cobalt compounds 1994:39 Uffe Midtgård, Mona Lise Binderup Eng
113 1,3-Butadiene 1994:42 Marja Sorsa, Kimmo Peltonen Swe
113 1,3-Butadiene 1994:36 Marja Sorsa, Kimmo Peltonen Eng
112 2-Ethylhexanoic acid 1994:42 Vesa Riihimäki Swe
112 2-Ethylhexanoic acid 1994:31 Vesa Riihimäki Eng
111 Industrial enzymes 1994:42 Jonas Brisman Swe
111 Industrial enzymes 1994:28 Jonas Brisman Eng
110 Diethylamine, Diethylene-triamine, Dimethylamine, Ethylenediamine 1994:42 Eva Andersson, Bengt Järvholm Swe
110 Diethylamine, Diethylene-triamine, Dimethylamine, Ethylenediamine 1994:23 Eva Andersson, Bengt Järvholm Eng
109 Diesel exhaust 1993:35 Brita Beije Eng
109 Diesel exhaust 1993:34 Brita Beije Swe
108 Ethylenebisdithiocarbamates and ethylenethiourea 1993:35 Kai Savolainen Eng
108 Ethylenebisdithiocarbamates and ethylenethiourea 1993:24 Kai Savolainen Swe
107 Limonene 1993:35 Ann-Therése Karlberg, Birgitta Lindell Eng
107 Limonene 1993:14 Ann-Therése Karlberg, Birgitta Lindell Swe
106 Crystalline silica 1993:35 Bjørn Hilt Eng
106 Crystalline silica 1993:02 Bjørn Hilt Nor
105 Aluminium 1993:01 Bengt Sjögren, Carl-Gustaf Elinder Eng
105 Aluminium 1992:45 Bengt Sjögren, Carl-Gustaf Elinder Swe
104 Lead, inorganic 1993:01 Staffan Skerfving Eng
104 Lead, inorganic 1992:43 Staffan Skerfving Swe
103 Selenium 1993:01 Per Garberg, Johan Högberg Eng
103 Selenium 1992:35 Per Garberg, Johan Högberg Swe
102 Inorganic acid aerosols 1993:01 Petter Kristensen Eng
102 Inorganic acid aerosols 1992:33 Petter Kristensen Nor
101 Cadmium 1993:01 Gunnar Nordberg Eng
101 Cadmium 1992:26 Gunnar Nordberg Swe
100 Acrolein 1991:45 Gunnar Damgård Nielsen, Heissel Petersen Dan
99 Microorganisms 1991:50 Per Malmberg Eng
99 Microorganisms 1991:44 Per Malmberg Swe
98 Trichloroethene 1991:50 Marit Skogstad, Petter Kristensen Eng
98 Trichloroethene 1991:43 Marit Skogstad, Petter Kristensen Nor
97 Dimethylsulfoxide 1991:50 Lisbeth E Knudsen Eng
97 Dimethylsulfoxide 1991:37 Lisbeth E Knudsen Dan
96 Dimethylethylamine 1991:50 Bengt Åkesson Eng
96 Dimethylethylamine 1991:26 Bengt Åkesson Swe
95 Isophorone 1991:50 Brita Beije, Per Lundberg Eng
95 Isophorone 1991:14 Brita Beije, Per Lundberg Swe
94 Inorganic arsenic 1991:50 Göran Pershagen, Marie Vahter Eng
94 Inorganic arsenic 1991:09 Göran Pershagen, Marie Vahter Swe
93 Styrene 1991:02 Harri Vainio Eng
93 Styrene 1990:49 Harri Vainio Swe
92 Organic acid anhydrides 1991:02 Helena Keskinen Eng
92 Organic acid anhydrides 1990:48 Helena Keskinen Swe
91 N-Nitroso compounds and cancer 1991:02 Åge Haugen Eng
91 N-Nitroso compounds and cancer 1990:33 Åge Haugen Nor
90 Welding gases and fumes 1991:02 Bengt Sjögren, Ulf Ulfvarson Eng
90 Welding gases and fumes 1990:28 Bengt Sjögren, Ulf Ulfvarson Swe
89 Thiurams and dimethyl dithiocarbamates 1991:02 Kai Savolainen Eng
89 Thiurams and dimethyl dithiocarbamates 1990:26 Kai Savolainen Swe
88 Paper dust 1989:37 Kjell Thorén Eng
88 Paper dust 1989:30 Kjell Thorén Swe
87 Methyl formate 1989:37 Håkan Westberg, Carl-Göran Ohlson Eng
87 Methyl formate 1989:29 Håkan Westberg, Carl-Göran Ohlson Swe
86 Acetonitrile 1989:37 Gunilla Heimbürger, Per Lundberg Eng
86 Acetonitrile 1989:22 Gunilla Heimbürger, Per Lundberg Swe
85 Nitrilotriacetic acid and salts 1989:37 Susanne Nautrup Olsen, Allan Astrup Jensen Eng
85 Nitrilotriacetic acid and salts 1989:16 Susanne Nautrup Olsen, Allan Astrup Jensen Dan
84 Hydroquinone 1989:37 Ulla Stenius Eng
84 Hydroquinone 1989:15 Ulla Stenius Swe
83 Diacetone alcohol 1989:37 Per Lundberg Eng
83 Diacetone alcohol 1989:04 Per Lundberg Swe
82 Toluene 1989:37 Jens Erik Jelnes Eng
82 Toluene 1989:03 Jens Erik Jelnes Dan
81 Nitroalkanes 1988:33 Antti Zitting Eng
81 Nitroalkanes 1988:29 Antti Zitting Swe
80 Vinyl acetate 1988:33 Jorma Mäki-Paakkanen, Hannu Norpa Eng
80 Vinyl acetate 1988:26 Jorma Mäki-Paakkanen, Hannu Norpa Swe
79 Methyl isobutyl ketone 1988:33 Mats Hagberg Eng
79 Methyl isobutyl ketone 1988:20 Mats Hagberg Swe
78 Creosote 1988:33 Juha Liira Eng
78 Creosote 1988:13 Juha Liira Swe
77 Wood dust 1987:36 Lone Donbaek Jensen Dan
76 Methylene chloride 1987:40 Ingvar Lundberg Eng
76 Methylene chloride 1987:29 Ingvar Lundberg Swe
75 n-Decane and n-Undecane 1987:40 Søren Kjærgaard, Lars Mølhave Eng
75 n-Decane and n-Undecane 1987:25 Søren Kjærgaard, Lars Mølhave Dan
74 Methyl bromide 1987:40 Åke Swensson Eng
74 Methyl bromide 1987:18 Åke Swensson Swe
73 Arsine 1986:41 Jan Aaseth, Yngvar Thomassen Nor
72 Acetone 1986:39 Leif Simonsen Dan
71 Ammonia 1986:31 Håkon Leira, Egil Ophus Nor
70 Ozone 1986:28 Brita Grenquist-Nordén Swe
69 Acetaldehyde 1986:25 Kolbjörn Zahlsen, Odd G Nilsen Nor
68 n-Hexane 1986:20 Ole Ladefoged Dan
67 Ethyl benzene 1986:19 Kerstin Engström, Eivor Elovaara Swe
66 Vinyl chloride 1986:17 Siri Storetvedt Heldaas Nor
65 Allyl alcohol 1986:08 Åke Swensson Swe
64 White spirit (mineral spirit, Stoddard solvent) 1986:01 Ulla Hass, Mette Boland Prior Dan
63 Cyclohexanone Cyclopentanone 1985:42 Heikki Savolainen Swe
62 Ethylene glycol monoalkyl ethers+acetates 1985:34 Helgi Gudbergsson Swe
61 Deodorised kerosene 1985:24 Ulla Hass, Ole Ladefoged Dan
60 Propylene oxide 1985:23 Lisbeth Ehlert Knudsen Dan
59 Inorganic mercury 1985:20 Staffan Skerfving, Maths Berlin Swe
58 Diisocyanates 1985:19 Åke Swensson, Kurt Andersson Swe
57 Oil mist 1985:13 Unn Arnesen Nor
56 Hydrazine and hydrazine salts 1985:06 Bodil Jakobsen, Allan Astrup Jensen Dan
55 Acrylonitrile 1985:04 Jan Alexander Nor
54 Chlorophenols 1984:46 Timo Kauppinen Swe
53 Methanol 1984:41 Steinar Øvrebø Nor
52 Chloromequat chloride 1984:36 Kai Savolainen Swe
51 Phenol 1984:33 Eva Kristiansen Dan
50 Benomyl 1984:28 Marja Sorsa Swe
49 Furfuryl alcohol 1984:24 Mari Antti-Poika Swe
48 Sulphur dioxide 1984:18 Birgitta Kolmodin-Hedman, Åke Swensson Swe
47 Halothane 1984:17 Carl-Johan Göthe, Anders Carlsson, Per Gustavsson Swe
46 Petrol (gasoline) 1984:07 Ole Ladefoged, Mette Boland Prior Dan
45 Nitrogen oxides 1983:28 Brita Grenquist-Nordén Swe
44 Propylene glycol 1983:27 Åke Swensson Swe
43 Methyl ethyl ketone 1983:25 Vesa Riihimäki Swe
42 Acrylates och methacrylates 1983:21 Mogens Christensen Dan
41 Hydrogen fluoride 1983:17 Jörgen Jahr Nor
40 Dihydrogen sulphide 1982:31 Heikki Savolainen Swe
39 Asbest 1982:29 Matti Huuskonen, Antti Tossavainen Swe
38 Dimethylformamide 1982:28 Stina Lundberg Swe
37 Formaldehyde 1982:27 Birgitta Kolmodin-Hedman, Henrik Nordman Swe
36 Synthetic pyretroids Permethrin 1982:22 Margareta Bystedt, Birgitta Kolmodin-Hedman Swe
35 Refined petroleum solvents 1982:21 Ole Ladefoged Dan
34 Nitrous oxide 1982:20 Christer Edling Swe
33 Vanadium 1982:18 Björn Gylseth, Tor Hansen Nor
32 Cobalt 1982:16 Pekka Roto Swe
31 Phtalates 1982:12 Kerstin Engström Swe
30 Manganese, methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl 1982:10 Gösta Gemne Swe
29 Ethyleneoxide 1982:07 Christer Hogstedt Swe
28 Dioxane 1982:06 Stina Lundberg Swe
27 Cadmium 1981:29 Magnus Piscator Swe
26 Nickel 1981:28 Nils Gundersen, Tor Norseth Nor
25 Mineral fibers 1981:26 Rolf Petersen, Svend Sabroe Dan
24 Arsenic except arsenic hydride 1981:22 Marie Vahter, Göran Pershagen Swe
23 MCPA (4-Chloro-2-methyl-phenoxy acetic acid 1981:14 Birgitta Kolmodin-Hedman Swe
22 Zinc 1981:13 Sakari Tola Swe
21 Methylchloroform (1,1,1-Trichloroethane) 1980:12 Finn Levy Nor
20 Benzene 1981:11 Karl-Heinz Cohr, Henrik Hother Sörensen Dan
19 Epichlorohydrin 1981:10 Kari Hemminki Swe
18 Copper 1980:21 Jan Aaseth Nor
17 1-Butanol 1980:20 Per Einar Fjeldstad, Syvert Thorud Nor
16 Hexane 1980:19 Karl-Heinz Cohr, Niels Kjaergaard Jörgensen Dan
15 Isopropanol 1980:18 Heikki Savolainen Swe
14 Ethylene glycol 1980:14 Bengt Sjögren Swe
13 Boric acid and Borax 1980:13 Stina Lundberg Swe
12 Carbon monoxide 1980:08 Kari Kurppa Swe
11 Chlorine, Chlorine dioxide 1980:06 Brita Grenquist Swe
10 Xylene 1979:35 Vesa Riihimäki, Kerstin Engström Swe
9 Diisocyanates 1979:34 Per Gustavsson, Birgitta Kolmodin-Hedman Swe
8 Chromium 1979:33 Sverre Langård Nor
7 Tetrachloro ethylene 1979:25 Rolf Bodin Swe
6 Lead, inorganic 1979:24 Henrik Nordman Swe
5 Methylenechloride 1979:15 Ingvar Lundberg Swe
4 Styrene 1979:14 Kerstin Engström, H Härkönen, Harri Vainio Swe
3 Trichloroethylene 1979:13 Tor Norseth Nor
2 Toluene 1979:05 Karl-Heinz Cohr, Jens Stokholm Dan
1 Formaldehyde 1978:21 Birgitta Kolmodin-Hedman Swe
  2-Diethylaminoethanol 1994:25 Kjell Torén Eng
  7/8-Carbon chain aliphatic monoketones (2-heptanone, 3-heptanone, ethylamylketone, methylisoamylketone) 1990:02 Anton A E Wibowo Eng
  Ethyl acetate 1990:35 Vesa Riihimäki Eng
  Ethyl ether 1992:30 B Arvidson Eng
  Glutaraldehyde 1998:20 Per Lundberg Swe
  Glutaraldehyde 1997:20 Brita Beije, Per Lundberg Eng
  Methyl chloride 1992:27 Per Lundberg Eng
  Methyl methacrylate 1991:36 M A Maclaine Pont Eng
  Methyl-tert-butyl ether 1994:22 A A E Wibowo Eng
  Platinum 1998:20 Birgitta Lindell Swe
  Platinum 1997:14 Birgitta Lindell Eng
  Propylene glycol ethers and their acetates 1990:32 Gunnar Johanson Eng
  Tetrachloroethane 1996:28 Marita Luotamo, Vesa Riihimäki Eng

Ongoing documents

  • Occupational skin exposure to chemicals
  • Fluorine, chlorine and bromine
  • Occupational chemical exposures and cardiovascular disease
  • Working at low ambient oxygen levels
  • Silicon carbide
  • Occupational exposure to chemicals and unusual working hours
  • Chloramines
  • Wood dust
  • Occupational exposure to air pollutants and COPD

Author instructions

NEG strives towards a common procedure and format for the documents. Information and guidelines how to elaborate a NEG criteria document is found in the instructions below. 

Instructions to authors (pdf, will open in a new window)


Nordic research institutes and regulatory authorities relating to the working environment


Swedish Work Environment Authority



National Institute of Occupational Health (will open in a new window)

Statens arbeidsmiljøinstitutt (will open in a new window)

The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority (will open in a new window)

Arbeidstilsynet (will open in a new window)


National Research Centre for the Working Environment (will open in a new window)

Det Nationale Forskningscenter for Arbejdsmiljø (will open in a new window)

The Danish Working Environment Authority (will open in a new window)

Arbejdstilsynet (will open in a new window)


Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (will open in a new window)

Työterveyslaitos (will open in a new window)

Nordic OELs

Denmark (will open in a new window)

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Other links

ACGIH (will open in a new window)

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Health Council of the Netherlands/DECOS (will open in a new window)

HSE (will open in a new window)

IPCS (will open in a new window)

NIVA (will open in a new window)

SCOEL (will open in a new window)

US-NIOSH (will open in a new window)



Gunnar Johanson (chairman)

Institute of Environmental Medicine (will open in a new window)

Karolinska Institutet
Box 210
SE-171 77 Stockholm
Tel: +46 8 524 877 52
E-mail: gunnar.johanson(at)


Mattias Öberg

Institute of Environmental Medicine (will open in a new window)

Karolinska Institutet
Box 210
SE-171 77 Stockholm
Tel: +46 524 885 05 
E-mail: mattias.oberg(at)


Anne Thoustrup Saber

National Research Centre for the Working Environment (will open in a new window)

Lersø Parkallé 105
DK-2100 København Ø
Tel: +45 39 16 52 12
E-mail: ats(at)


Helene Stockmann-Juvala

Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (will open in a new window)

PB 18
FI-00032 Arbetshälsoinstitutet
Tel: +358 30 474 2860
E-mail: helene.stockmann-juvala(at)


Merete D. Bugge

National Institute of Occupational Health (will open in a new window)

PB 8149, Dep
NO-0033 Oslo 
Tel: +47 23 19 53 83
E-mail: merete.bugge(at)


Helge Johnsen

National Institute of Occupational Health (will open in a new window)

PB 8149, Dep
NO-0033 Oslo
Tel: +47 23 19 53 14
E-mail: helge.johnsen(at)


Nina Landvik

National Institute of Occupational Health (will open in a new window)

PB 8149, Dep
NO-0033 Oslo
Tel: +47 23 19 52 73
E-mail: nina.landvik(at)



Anna-Karin Alexandrie (scientific secretary)
Jill Järnberg (scientific secretary)

Swedish Work Environment Authority

SE-112 79 Stockholm
Tel: +46 10 730 90 84/91 79
E-mail: anna-karin.alexandrie(at)
E-mail: jill.jarnberg(at)

(at) = @

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