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Description application for authorisation for a child to work

You must apply for authorisation if you wish to employ a minor under the age of 13.

You must apply for authorisation if you wish to employ a minor under the age of 13. For example, you need authorisation for a child to rehearse or work in cultural or artistic events, as extras or artistes, or at sporting or advertising events. It is the Swedish Work Environment Authority which grants authorisation to engage minors and it is we too who examine issues relating to working times.

Send the application no later than four weeks before the work is to begin.

For minors between the ages of 13 and 18 you may also have to seek authorisation if you wish to be exempt from the rules on working time.

Working hours for young people

The application procedure

Fill in and submit the application form.

You may send an application even if you have not decided which minor or minors to employ in the production. We can make two types of decision:

  • a specific decision relating to named minors
  • a general decision relating to a certain number of minors of a certain age.

You may apply in the same application for authorisation for several minors with different dates, where the same production is concerned.

It is important that you fill in all the information in the application. Otherwise, you may need to supplement the application and your authorisation may be delayed.

Application for authorisation for a child to work

Once the application is complete, we will take a decision. We will send the decision by email to the contact person. If you have not given an email address in the application, we will send the decision by letter.

If the application does not contain all the information necessary, we will get in touch and ask for it to be supplemented. You will then have two weeks to supplement the application, but you can have more time if you request it. If we do not receive the supplementary information, we will normally reject the application.

  1. You have the right to appeal our decision
    The decision letter will set out what you need to do.

  2. We will decide whether to reassess the application
    We will first decide whether to reassess the application. If we do so and decide to change our initial decision, you will receive notification, normally by email.

  3. If we do not re-assess the application, the appeal will be brought before a court of law
    We will send your appeal to the administrative court in the region in which the decision on your appeal was taken.

Contact the administrative court if you wish to follow the progress of your appeal.

If you have any questions

Contact our answering service by telephone on 010-730 90 00 if you have any questions.

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