Healthy workplaces for all ages

Safe and healthy working conditions throughout the entire working life are good for employees, companies and society overall. This is the message of the two-year campaign that the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work in Bilbao, EU-OSHA is initiating. The campaign is carried by means of activities in all EU countries.

In Sweden, the Swedish Work Environment Authority is carrying out the campaign in cooperation with the partners on the labour market, by means of a supervision campaign and the Work Environment Parliament.

What does age have to do with the work environment?

The campaign 'Healthy workplaces for all ages' is being carried out against the background of the population of Europe growing older. In future, employees are going to need to support ever more pensioners, and if we wish to maintain the present social system and welfare, we must improve the prerequisites for a longer working life.

Research shows that an important factor for being able to work longer is work environment. Age is an aspect to take into consideration in work environment management, just like other aspects. By being aware about age structures and how prerequisites for different age groups look, we can have greater possibilities of creating prerequisites for everyone being able to work throughout their working life, irrespective of age and gender. The work environment must be accessible for everyone.

The Swedish Work Environment Authority is participating in the campaign

Sweden is one of the approximately 30 member countries that are participating in the joint EU work with improving work environment conditions, and working conditions in Europe. Within the framework of the campaign, the Swedish Work Environment Authority is carrying out the following activities:

Four seminars together with the partners on the labour market

The Swedish Work Environment Authority is the national contact point for EU-OSHA in Sweden, and in that role we cooperate with representatives from employee and employer organisations. Together with the partners on the labour market, we are organising four seminars on the campaign theme. The aim is to give the participants increased knowledge and tools for their work environment management, and the possibility to network and exchange experiences with each other.

1 500 employers will receive a visit

During week 41 and 42, we will carry out a supervision campaign, where around 1 500 employers will receive visits by an inspector. In this supervision activity we wish to inform and have a dialogue around the factors and prerequisites that create healthy workplaces and a sustainable working life at all ages. The primary focus lies upon informing and carrying out a dialogue about how employers know of and work with these questions.

The sectors which may receive visits from us:

  • Public transport
  • Rail transport and passenger transport
  • Pre Schools
  • Retail
  • The motor vehicle trade

The supervision campaign will be concluded and summarised by the Work Environment Parliament in Stockholm on 28 October.

Letter to employers

The Swedish Work Environment Authority will send an information letter to 25 000 workplaces. In the letter we will inform about the campaign and that employers could receive a visit from us. We will visit around 1 500 employers. We will contact the companies and organisations that will receive visits to book a time for the visit.

Work Environment Parliament

The Work Environment Parliament takes place on 28 October in Stockholm, at Norra Latin. It is a whole day focusing on work environment and 'healthy workplaces for all ages'. There will be a politician dual, a presentation of a knowledge compilation and we will present that which we observed during the supervision campaign, and much more. During the day there will be plenty of opportunities to pose questions to the lecturers and politicians.

In the campaign work, we use #friskaarbetsplatser. Feel free to use it in order to spread information about the campaign!


The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work in Bilbao, EU-OSHA, works to make Europe a safer healthier and more productive place to work. This campaign is a part of EU-OSHA's work for a better work environment. EU-OSHA has, for several years, carried out campaigns on the theme 'a healthy working life'. The campaigns are carried out in more than 30 countries. Every country decides by themselves how they will work with the campaign. The EU campaigns last for two years, and the present campaign is on-going 2016-2017. With the campaign in 2016 –2017, EU-OSHA wishes to guide employers in the work of creating prerequisites for a sustainable working life in one's own activities, and at the same time increasing awareness of the value of different generations working together. The campaign must encourage employees, employee representatives, employers, and managers to work together to promote a sound and productive work environment throughout the entire working life.

Read more about the campaign at Healthy workplaces website, opens in new window

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