The regulation on the use of trucks affects many areas of industry such as mechanical workshops, warehouses, the manufacturing industry, port operations and the transport industry. The regulation applies to all workplaces where trucks are used.

The safe use of trucks is very much about being able to communicate and understand each other in the workplace. When using trucks there are also special requirements as regards adequate knowledge for safe use.

Do you have sufficient knowledge?

In order to work with the trucks, as a worker you must have adequate knowledge and know how to use the truck in a safe manner. Your theoretical knowledge and practical skills must be documented. If you as an employee have knowledge from your home country that complies with the requirements of the regulation, it will be accepted by the Swedish Work Environment Authority.

The individual leading and overseeing the work on trucks must also have the knowledge, information and experience required for the work to be carried out in a safe manner.

The employer's responsibility

As an employer, you are responsible for ensuring that your staff have the training required for the work and that your staff know which regulations apply to conduct the work safely.

Written permission is required

A truck driver must have written permission to use the truck. The permit must be provided by the employer. If the truck driver is hired to use the truck in the hiring company's business operations, the permit must be provided by the company hiring the truck. The permit is personal and must provide information as to what types of trucks and what work duties it applies to. The permit may be for a limited time period.

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