Thermosetting plastics

Within the area calscals, there are several important provisions. The provisions regarding thermosetting plastics primarily affect the building industry for sealing, installation and painting work, the graphic industry for printing ink, dental care and the manufacturing industry for plastic parts.

Other groups are also exposed to thermosetting plastics, for example nail designers, who are also affected by the provisions.

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Do you have the right training?

To be allowed to work with thermosetting plastics, the employee and the supervisor must have undergone training. If you have undergone training in your home country which complies with requirements in Sweden, it will be accepted. But you must be able to produce verified documentation that you have undergone the correct training.

Only people possessing special theoretical and practical training and knowledge of the risks and protective measures required may work with thermosetting plastics. People in a supervisory position must also undergo training. The extent of the training must depend on the type of chemical product, how the work will take place and previous knowledge of the person who will be doing the work. 

The training involves knowledge of:

  • the properties of thermoplastic
  • health effects
  • occurrence
  • safety precautions
  • emergency measures
  • handling of personal protective equipment
  • work methods, control measures
  • decontamination management
  • stipulations concerning medical surveillance.

The supervisor must also have knowledge of liability issues, coordination measures and risk assessment.

Do you have a medical certificate?

It may also be necessary for you to produce a medical certificate in order to obtain a permit to work with other types of work where asbestos is found. A certificate may never be older than two years and must always be sent with your application in those instances a permit is required. Read more under the heading "How to apply for a permit". 

The certificate must describe when the medical examination was carried out and whether the person examined can begin or continue to work with thermosetting plastics and the name of the doctor that carried out the medical examination. The examination will mainly certify that there are no problems with respiratory diseases, allergies or other hypersensitivity. For more information as to what must be included in the medical certificate, contact us at the Swedish Work Environment Authority.

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How to apply for a permit

In order to work with certain thermosetting plastic components, you must apply for a permit at the Swedish Work Environment Authority. This applies to some components classed as carcinogens or allergens.

To obtain a permit to work with thermosetting plastics, you must send your application to the Swedish Work Environment Authority in the district the work is to be carried out.

In your application, which your employer must submit, the following must be specified:

  1. Which substance or which product you will be working with.
  2. Description of working method.
  3. Purpose of the work.
  4. The time period for which the application applies.
  5. The maximum amount that will be stored.
  6. The maximum amount of the substance that will be used per year.
  7. The number of people that will be directly handling the substance/product.
  8. The reason why other less health-impairing substances or products cannot be used.

You must also include with your application:

  1. A statement from your safety supervisor for the employee in question. A statement from the safety supervisor must always be included with the application. The safety supervisor can either be elected by the trade union or by the employees themselves if there is no union organisation. If there is no local safety supervisor, a statement must be produced by the regional safety supervisor and attached.
  2. Risk assessment and handling and safety instructions must be established.
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