Report a foreign posting

Foreign employers must report the posting as well as a contact person to a registry in Sweden. The registry is with us, the Swedish Work Environment Authority.

Report posting

Does your company carry out services in Sweden? Foreign employers must report postings and report a contact person to our registry when they sent employees to work here. 

Report posting

Information about posting of employees (ADI 712 Eng), brochure

When is the information to be reported?

The report must be made when a posted employee begins working in Sweden, at the latest. If the posting is for no more than five days, no report is necessary. If the posting becomes extended, a report must be made on the sixth day at the latest.

What information has to be registered?

The information to be registered is:

  • The employer’s name/company and place of business/headquarters.
  • Contact details for an authorised deputy of the employer (can be in the home country).
  • What type of services are to be offered in Sweden.
  • Planned duration.
  • Place where services are carried out.
  • The identities of the posted employees.
  • Details about the appointed contact person, personal identity number/date of birth address and telephone number in Sweden, email address.

Register a contact person in Sweden

When the contact person is registered, he/she becomes authorised to receive service on behalf of the foreign employer. The contact person must also be able to present documents showing that the requirements of the Foreign Posting of Employees Act have been fulfilled. Such documents can include employment contracts showing that employment is under the terms and conditions required in the Foreign Posting of Employees Act, documentation required by the Work Environment Act, and journals of working hours.

Supervision and fines /Register and report on time?

The Swedish Work Environment Authority is in charge of monitoring rules about registration. If the employer does not report a posting and a contact person for registration on time, we will impose a fine on the employer of SEK 20 000.

We can also order the employer to rectify shortcomings when:

  • The employer does not change the registered information when the employer’s activities change
  • The contact person does not fulfil his/her responsibilities under the registration rules
  • The employer’s report for registration is incorrect or insufficient.

The order may be associated with a penalty. If the employer does not rectify the shortcomings, a penalty payment may be imposed.

Provisions governing the register

Provisions governing the register are specified in the Posting of Workers Act (1999:678) and in the Ordinance on a notification obligation for the posting of workers (2017:319).

In Swedish: Lag (1999:678) om utstationering av arbetstagare and Förordning (2017:319) om anmälningsskyldighet vid utstationering av arbetstagare.

Posting of Workers Act (1999:678), opens in new window 

In Swedish: 
Lag (1999:678) om utstationering av arbetstagare, in Swedish, opens in new window

Förordning (2017:319) om anmälningsskyldighet vid utstationering av arbetstagare, in Swedish, opens in new window

Your rights at work as posted worker (ADI 677 Eng), brochure

Omslagsbild på Your rights at work as posted worker (ADI 677 Eng)
This brochure explains the regulations relating to posting in Sweden. Regardless the form of employment, background, nationality or ethnicity, everyone working in Sweden has the same right to a safe, healthy workplace.
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