Pay for posted workers

According to the Posting of Workers Directive, posted workers must be guaranteed the minimum wage in the host country. In Sweden, however, there is no statutory minimum wage and there is therefore no specific salary level that automatically applies to those posted in Sweden. However, there may be minimum wages in Swedish collective agreements negotiated by the employee and employer organisations. The content of the agreements differs from sector to sector, and minimum wages are not always stated.

Has the employer signed a collective agreement with a Swedish employee organisation or is the employer a member of a Swedish employer organisation? In that case, they are bound by a Swedish collective agreement.

On our website there are some collective agreements published. One can also find contact information to some trade unions.

If you have additional questions about collective agreements and the minimum wage applicable to a particular sector, please contact the relevant trade unions.

The right of trade unions to take industrial action

Trade unions have the right to take industrial action in order to compel a posting employer to enter into a collective agreement.

The work and employment conditions that trade unions can demand through industrial action are limited to minimum wage and other minimum conditions in the areas referred to in the so-called core of rights (see paragraph 5 of the Posting of Workers Act) and which are found in a central collective agreement.

If a union requests it, posting employers must appoint a representative who is authorized to negotiate and terminate collective agreements.

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