Parental leave for posted workers

Parental leave also applies to posted workers

The Swedish stipulations about parental leave also apply to posted workers. The employee is entitled to parental leave in connection with the child's birth and is not allowed to suffer from adverse treatment. For women who are pregnant or who have recently given birth, there are also stipulations on safety measures.

Mothers have a right to be free from work

If you are a woman, you are entitled to be completely free from work in connection with your child's birth. The right to be free from work apples for seven weeks before the estimated date of delivery and seven weeks after the birth. 

Unfair treatment is forbidden

The employer cannot discriminate against their employees. The prohibition on unfair treatment applies in several situations, such as when

  • wage and employment conditions must be decided
  • the work should be managed and allocated
  • staff should be promoted
  • making someone redundant or dismissing someone is under discussion.

The ban does not apply if different conditions or different treatment is a necessary consequence of parental leave.

If you are laid off or dismissed for reasons relating to parental leave only, the termination or resignation may be declared null and void. The application for a nullification is made by the Labour Market Court. If you are a member of a union, you can contact them for more information.

Reassignment after childbirth

If you have recently given birth or are breastfeeding, you are entitled to be reassigned to another job without losing your employment benefits. The reason should be that you cannot perform your normal tasks, for example, that you have to deal with dangerous substances or that the work is physically stressful. The right of reassignment only applies if your employer can arrange another job for you. If it is not possible, you are entitled to leave of absence as long as it is required to protect your health

If you want to use your right of reassignment, you must report it to the employer.

The employer can have to pay damages

An employer who violates the provisions may become liable to pay damages to the employee.

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