Employers’ and employees’ organisations and collective agreements

Employers’ and employees’ organisations represent their members – employers and employees respectively – and have as their assignment to look after the interests of their members.

They negotiate together, for example in order to draw up collective agreements and solve disputes.

There are local and central organisations. On the part of the employees there are trade union federations and trade unions. Most trade unions belong in their turn to one of three federations – LO, TCO or SACO (a number of member unions are listed below under each respective federation).

Akademikerförbundet SSR

Telephone: +46 8-617 44 00

Swedish Building, Construction

Swedish Building, Construction, organize workers in the construction sector. Construction is LO's fifth largest union.

Roger Johansson
Telephone: +46 10-601 10 55


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The Swedish Association of Graduates in Business Administration and Economics

A union and interest organization for professionals and students in business and economics in Sweden.


Telephone: +46 8-480 040 00


The Swedish Association of Physiotherapists

A professional body as well as a trade union. It promotes the profession and serves its members on all levels.

Telephone: +46 8-567 061 00


The Swedish Medical Association

A professional organisation for doctors. Patient safety, the work environment, salaries, working hours, training and research are some of the issues that are of great importance for the organisation.

Peter Wursé
Arbetsliv & Juridik
Box 5610
Telephone: +46 8-790 33 00

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FTF-Facket för försäkring och finans


Fackförbundet ST

Sweden’s only union that solely focuses on organizing employees within state agencies. We are convinced that everyone benefits from being members in the same union rather than belonging to different unions based on profession.

Telephone: +46 771-55 54 44



Telephone: +46 8-641 03 00

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GS, The Swedish union of forestry,

GS, The Swedish union of forestry, wood and graphical workers, was established June 1 2009 and organizes workers in the forestry, woodworking and graphic industries.

Tony Berggren
Telephone: +46 10-470 86 72


IF Metall

A trade union in Sweden. It was formed in a 2006 merger between the Swedish Industrial Union and the Swedish Metalworkers' Union.

Berit Bengtsson
Georgios Kontorinis



Collective agreement IF Metall, pdf, opens in new window

Collective agreement IF Metall technique, pdf, opens in new window


Jusek is a Swedish Union of University Graduates of Law, Business Administration and Economics, Computer and Systems Science, Personnel Management, Professional Communicators and Social Science. Our main task is to reinforce the competitive edge and the position of our member groups and individual members in the labour market.

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Ledarna - Sveriges Chefsorganisation

We represent managers exclusively. By representing only managers, with no conflict of interest and no double loyalties, Ledarna can claim to be the only organization of its kind in Sweden.

We play an active part in supporting our members as individuals – both as managers and leaders and as employees – but also strive to improve the overall conditions for managers as a group.

Telephone: +46 200 - 87 11 11


LO - The Swedish Trade Union Confederation

The Swedish Trade Union Confederation, LO, is the central organisation for 14 affiliates which organise workers within both the private and the public sectors.

105 53 Stockholm 
Telephone: +46 8-796 25 00


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The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, SALAR, represents the interests of Sweden's 290 municipalities and 20 county councils/regions.
SALAR is both an employers' organization and an interest organization. All of Sweden's municipalities, county councils and regions are members of SALAR.

Telephone: +46 8-452 70 00

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The Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers

We are the country's largest network for graduate engineers


Svenska Målareförbundet

Telephone: +46 8-58 72 74 00


The Swedish Union for Service and Communications Employees is a trade union in Sweden.SEKO is divided into nine branches: Rail transportation, public administration, postal, road and railways, telecom, correctional treatment, energy, defence and maritime.

Telephone: +46 770-45 79 00


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SRAT is a professional association and a trade union for university graduates or professionals with a college degree, specialists and managers in the fields of health, communication and management. SRAT is also an association within the Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations, Saco.

Telephone: +46 8-442 44 60


Sveriges läkarförbund

Peter Wursé
Arbetsliv & Juridik
Box 5610

Telephone: +46 8-790 33 00

Sveriges läkarförbunds website, open in a new window

Sveriges skolledarförbund

Britt Sundström
Telephone: +46 8 567 06 205
Box 3266, SE 103 65 Stockholm
Vasagatan 48


Swedish Transport Workers’ Union

The Swedish Confederation of Transport Enterprises is an umbrella organisation for associations and companies in the transportation sector in Sweden.

Olof Palmes gata 29 
SE-101 330 Stockholm

Collective agreement for posted employees transport work, pdf, opens in a new window

Collective agreement Road Transport and Mechanics, pdf, opens in a new window


The Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees (Swedish: Tjänstemännens Centralorganisation, TCO) is a national trade union centre, the umbrella organisation for eighteen trade unions in Sweden that organise professional and other qualified employees within both the private and the public sectors.

Linnégatan 14 
114 94 Stockholm 
Telephone: +46 8-782 91 00 
Fax: +46 8-663 75 20


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The National Union of Teachers in Sweden

Lärarnas Riksförbund (The National Union of Teachers in Sweden) is the only trade union in Sweden exclusively for qualified teachers, study advisors and vocational guidance offi¬cers. With our 90,000 members, we are one of the largest unions within the Swedish Confe¬deration of 
Professional Associations (Sveriges Akademikers Centralorganisation, Saco).Lärarnas Riksförbund is a dedicated professional association of teachers, study advisors and vocational guidance officers. We do not accept anyone unqualified nor school heads, which gives us a unique ability to represent what is important to professional teachers and focus on their interests. The majority of our members work in compulsory schooling (years 1–9), upper secondary schools, adult education and uni-versities and colleges.

Telephone: +46 8-613 27 00

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The Swedish Union for Performing Arts and Film

We represent professional performers and other creative workers from across the spectrum of the entertainment, creative and cultural industries. The Swedish Union for Performing Arts and Film organizes professional authors such as directors, choreographers and set designers. The majority of our members are performers such as dancers, actors, opera singers, circus and variety artistes and stunt performers. We also have branches for technical staff at theatres and in the film industry, as well as for administrative personnel at theatres.

Telephone: +46 8-441 13 00



Unionen is Sweden’s largest white-collar trade union on the private labour market. Some of the more common professions found among the members of Unionen include Project Managers, Engineers, Administrators, Economists, IT Consultants, Technicians, Managers and Salespeople.

These members work in areas such as manufacturing, wholesale, transport and logistics, research and development, agencies/business services, call centers, construction industry, chemical industry, consultancies, non-profit organisations, IT, forestry and paper industry, telecommunications, food industry, media, private dental care, etc.


Collective Agreement concerning conditions for posted salaried employees from another country within EU/EES or Switzerland when work is assigned by companies affiliated to IKEM, pdf, opens in a new window

Appendix to the collective agreement Unionen-IKEM, pdf, opens in a new window


Vision is a trade union that organizes white-collar workers, regardless of their educational background, in municipalities, county councils, churches and other religious communities, as well as private companies within the welfare system.

Telephone: +46 771-44 00 00



Vårdförbundet (the Swedish Association of Health Professionals) is the trade union and professional organisation of four registered professions; nurses, midwives, biomedical scientists and radiographers.

Förhandlingsstrategiska enheten
Adolf Fredriks kyrkogata 11
Box 3260
103 65 Stockholm


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