Ban on discrimination

In Sweden one may not be discriminated against due to:

  • gender
  • gender identity or expression
  • ethnicity
  • religion or other beliefs
  • disability
  • sexual orientation or
  • age.

It is forbidden to harass or to sexually harass someone. Harassment is an act that violates someone's personal integrity and is associated with any of the above grounds for discrimination. Sexual harassment is an act of sexual nature that violates someone's personal integrity.

Harassment must be investigated and remedied

If you find that you have been subjected to harassment or sexual harassment in connection with your work, your employer must investigate the event. Your employer must also ensure that the necessary measures are taken to prevent future harassment.

Protection against punishment

Anyone who has reported discrimination or stated that an employer is violating the law (for example, by not preventing harassment) is protected against punishment, so-called reprisals.

Punishment may, for example, be that an employment contract is not extended, the person receives a low salary increase, or the person gets too much or too little to do. An employer may not punish his posted workers as a result of the employee addressing shortcomings regarding his or her employment or employment conditions.

If you feel that you are being discriminated against or subject to punishment, you may contact the Discrimination Ombudsman.

More information is available on the Discrimination Ombudsman's website, opens in a new window

Here you can read more about the Discrimination Act, opens in a new window

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