Reporting removal of asbestos

Make a report each time you are going to remove asbestos.

You must first have obtained from us authorisation to remove asbestos. Once you have obtained such authorisation, you must report to us each case of work with asbestos. Report no later than two working day before you begin removing asbestos.

In urgent cases, you may have to start removing asbestos before you have time to report in writing, for example after a water leak. In that case, you must obtain oral approval from us before you start the work.

How to make a report

Fill in the form

Fill in information on

  • your undertaking: who will be carrying out the removal
  • your contact person
  • the site: where you will be carrying out the removal
  • whenyou will be carrying out the removal
  • the customer: the person on whose premises you will be carrying out the removal
  • what you will be removing, for example, piping, flooring or roofing
  • the scale: how much asbestos is involved
  • How you will be taking away the waste away and disposing of it.

You will receive an automatic reply

Once we have received the report, the contact person will receive an automatic reply to his or her email.

You will receive an inspection from us if we deem it necessary

Your report will be forwarded within the Swedish Work Environment Authority to the region where you will carry out the work.

Do you have any questions?

Contact our answering service by telephone on 010-730 90 00.

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Last updated 2022-12-01