Description of Doctor's notification

Doctors are required to report diseases, symptoms and problems that may be connected to a patient's work or working environment

As a doctor, you must, for example, report diseases, symptoms and problems which

  • point to poor working conditions or inadequate procedures for work adaptation and rehabilitation
  • have affected many people doing a certain type of work (when this number is greater than expected, or more than usual for this type of work or at a certain workplace)
  • become more common over time
  • may be caused by exposure to carcinogens or mutagenic substances
  • are new, unexpected or unusual and can be linked to the work done by the patient.

You can read more about this in Section 2 of the Swedish Work Environment


Work Environment Ordinance (Swedish)

How to make a notification

1. Fill out the information in the form (Swedish)
Among other things, you must provide details of

  • the company where the person is employed
  • the person’s disease or problem
  • the person’s working conditions
  • factors which evidence a link with the working environment

Form on the Swedish page

or send the information in a letter and post this to
Arbetsmiljöverket (the Swedish Working Environment Authority),
Box 9082
171 09 Solna, Sweden.

You will receive an automatic response at the email address you specified, with confirmation that we have received your notification. If you send us a letter, we will respond by letter.

We read all notifications and evaluate whether we have to inspect the workplace or not

We will inspect the workplace in the six weeks after receiving your notification. Among other things, we will inspect the working environment problems that you described in your notification.

You will receive a letter, in which we will inform you that the inspection has been completed. If you wish to read up on the inspection, you can request the documents in question by contacting the Swedish Working Environment’s registry clerk on email:

We decide not to inspect. You will receive a message notifying you of this.

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