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Document and report exposure to covid-19

Here you will find information about what the employer must do when an employee has been exposed to SARS-CoV2

When must it be documented that employees have been exposed to the novel coronavirus?

Employees may be exposed to the novel coronavirus in many different situations, both in their personal lives and at work. In some cases, the employer shall document that an employee has been exposed to an infectious agent in Risk Class 3, the class in which the new virus belongs. This is set out in Section 11 of the Swedish Work Environment Authority’s provisions (2018:4) on risks of infection.

The employer is obligated to document exposure to infection confirmed by testing and when it is clear that the exposure was a result of an incident or accident in connection with the employee’s duties. Many professions put workers, from healthcare staff to bus drivers, into contact with a lot of people on a daily basis. But a person getting on a bus or having coffee with a colleague is not considered an incident in the regulatory sense. Exposure or contagion that have occurred in such situations is thus not required to be documented.

Employers shall document exposure to the novel coronavirus as a result of a failure in the employer’s risk prevention system. This could be, for example, protective equipment breaking, not being used, or applicable routines not being followed.

Document when:

  • exposure to infection (the novel coronavirus) has been confirmed via testing and
  • exposure occurred due to a failure in the employer’s risk prevention system.

You can read the provisions on risks of infections here:

Reporting incidents and work-related injuries

The employer shall also report serious incidents when employees, in the line of work, have been exposed to or infected by diseases that are considered a public health hazard, such as COVID-19, to the Swedish Work Environment Authority in accordance with the Work Environment Act. This applies to employees with duties where there is typically a risk of infection and when something has failed in the employer’s risk prevention. What determines whether the employer shall report the incident to the Swedish Work Environment Authority is if it is determined that the employee has been exposed to infection, or been infected, in the line of work and not in the course of their personal life.

Report work-related injury, opens in a new window, SWE

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Last updated 2020-04-16