Application for permission to use biocides

Permission is required before using rat poison (rodenticides) because it is categorised as a biocide in authorisation class 1 So.

Depending on the site to be protected, either the Public Health Agency of Sweden or the Swedish Work Environment Authority will make the decision on this permission:

  1. Swedish Work Environment Authority: If you will be using the rat poison in locations to which the general public does not have access, such as warehouses or animal stables.
  2. Public Health Agency of Sweden: If you will be using the rat poison in housing or locations to which the general public has access.

Special expertise is required to ensure rat poison is used in a safe manner. Although both the Swedish Board of Agriculture and Public Health Agency of Sweden offer rat poison training courses, you will still need permission before using it.

Apply for permission to use Class 1 biocides.

Please provide the personal details of the user of the biocidal product in the eligibility class.

Please specify the place you have to protect against vermin

Please state which group of biocides you are going to use.

Upload your diploma.

You must hold a diploma in order to obtain permission. The certificate must prove that you have the knowledge required under Chapter 3, Section 11 of the pesticides regulation.

Max 20Mb/file
Permissible file formats: pdf, doc, docx, jpg, tif and png.

Other information (optional)

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