Forms for reporting occupational hygiene measurements

As an employer you are required to know what possible health risks your staff are exposed to in their daily work. If you deal with chemical hazards, you may need to carry out measurements to establish what exposure exists at your workplace. You can report the results of the occupational hygiene measurements on the form available on this page.

You should use two different forms when reporting the measurements:

  • Form A relates to the work station.
  • Form B relates to the results of the measurement.

There are also instructions on how to fill in the form. Only available in Swedish.

Instructions on how to fill in form YH-A and YH-B, swedish, pdf, opens in a new window

Follow the steps below

Fill in all the fields marked *, and preferably the other fields too. The more fully you are able to fill in the form, the quicker we can process your report.

Fill in information on

  • the workplace
  • the activity
  • the purpose of the measurement
  • information from the measurement you have taken
  • suggested actions.

Information about the company, resume of the measurement and proposed actions, form YH-A (Swedish), pdf, open in a new window

Fill in information on

  • the measurement and the measurement strategy, for example who carried out the measurement and the test site to which the measurement relates
  • the test site, for example the work tasks and exposure patterns
  • whether respiratory protective equipment is used in carrying out the measurement and what type of respiratory protective equipment is used in that case
  • the ventilation at the test site
  • the climate at the test site
  • the measured values for the respective substances
  • comments on the measurement, for example the working conditions, shift and measuring procedure.

Information about the individual test site, form YH-B (Swedish), pdf, opens in a new window

Send the files together with any attachments by email to Attachments can be, for example, photographs, sketches or drawings. We can accept attachments in several formats, for example jpg, Word and pdf.

You can also submit the forms by normal letter to

Box 9082
171 09 Solna.

However, it is easiest for us if you use email.

  • When we receive the measurement reports, we will record them.

  • We can use the reports when we inspect your place of work

Regulations on occupational exposure limit values:

Hygieniska gränsvärden (AFS 2018:1), (Swedish)

Do you have views on the forms? Feel free to email

It is obligatory to measure certain substances

If employees are exposed to certain substances, you must measure them under the regulations (AFS 2011:19) on chemical hazards in the working environment. This applies to the following substances:

  • lead and inorganic lead compounds
  • ethylene oxide
  • cadmium and inorganic cadmium compounds
  • styrene, vinyl toluene and other reactive monomers used in ester plastic production.

Compile the measurement results and send them to the Swedish Work Environment Authority, preferably by email. This makes it easier for us to process them.

If you have any questions

Contact our answering service by telephone on 010-730 90 00.

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