Responsibility for activity limitations

In order for the perspective on activity limitation to be disseminated and entrenched within all parts of society, the government has appointed authorities that have a special responsibility for driving through the policy which deals with activity limitations within their respective societal areas.

The Swedish Work Environment Authority is one of several authorities that has a sectorial responsibility for the implementation of the national action plan for activity limitations "from patient to citizen". We should, within the framework of this responsibility, be unifying, supportive and initiative to all affected parties. The responsibility is detailed in the letter of appropriation from the government.

The goal in the action plan is aimed at

  • seeing that the perspective towards activity limitations permeates all sectors of society
  • creating an accessible society
  • improving the reception of persons with activity limitations.    

In order to achieve the goal regarding policy on activity limitations, we work to:

  • follow the internal activities when it comes to supervision of the work environment and working time legislation specifically applicable to adaptation of working relationships
  • give support, be unifying and instigative in relationship to the actors within the work environment area.
  • give deepened knowledge and disseminate information at the agency so that the goal in our work with activity limitation becomes well known and well established in the organisation.     

We have developed part-goals for disability policy 2011 – 2016 where we continue to monitor the employers’ ways of adapting working relationships to peoples’ different prerequisites in physical and psychological regards.

Subject experts at our agency deal with questions which concern our task regarding activity limitations, for example:

  • reports to the government
  • assignments via letter of appropriation
  • requests/cases from disability organisations
  • surveys/requests from Handisam (The Swedish Agency for Participation)
  • cooperation with authorities in other sectors.


We have cooperation with The National Agency for Education, The Social Insurance Agency, The National Board of Housing, Building and Planning, The Swedish Employment Service and The Swedish Disability Federation.

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