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Use the form below to give us tips about bad conditions at a specific workplace or make an employee report.

Tip us off about poor working conditions

You can tip us off about poor working conditions at your place of work or any other place of work.

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Select what type of report you wish to make:

  • You are not employed at the place of work: Select ‘Tip-offs about poor conditions (not employee)’

    You may choose to remain anonymous. Consequently, you do not need to provide your contact details. If you do provide your contact details, we may disclose them if someone requests them.

  • You are employed at the place of work: Select ‘Employee report’.

    This kind of report is covered by confidentiality under Chapter 28, Paragraph 14, of the Law on publicity and confidentiality. This means that we will not disclose information concerning the report to the employer or any third party. We will respond by stating that we are unable either to confirm or deny whether there has been a report about poor working conditions from an employee.

When you click on send you will receive information on your screen acknowledging that we have received your report. It will also state what we will do with your tip-off or report. You will receive no other acknowledgement from us. If you wish to save the acknowledgement, you must therefore take a picture of the screen, a so-called ‘screen shot'.

Once we have received your report, we will assess whether or not to inspect your place of work. Many tip-offs and reports result in an inspection, but you will not normally receive any feedback on how we will proceed in your particular case.

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Last updated 2021-02-18