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It is always the employer who is responsible for the operation being conducted in such a way that ill-health and accidents are prevented and a satisfactory work environment achieved. The task of the Work Environment Authority is to verify that the employer lives up to the stipulations made in the Work Environment Act and in the Provisions issued by the Authority itself. This verification is usually based on inspection.

Work environment inspections at workplaces in Sweden are carried out by inspectors from the Work Environment Authority. Our 247 inspectors are stationed in 5 regions and between them carry out about 26.000 inspections annually.
In the course of an inspection we check that the employer has an effective organisation for systematic work environment management. We also check the work environment in the holistic perspective of the risks (physical, mental and social) which the operation entails, but there are cases of an inspection targeting a particular hazard (such as a certain type of machine or a certain type of job).

Our choice of workplaces for inspection is based on an assessment of the workplaces presenting the greatest risk of ill-health or accidents.

If our inspection shows that the employer is not discharging his obligations under the Work Environment Act, we can issue him with stipulations.